06th February 2017
Never let reality chain your imagination: Mother Nature is full of wonder and surprise.

We are just putting the final touches to ‘The Crystal Lake: Part Three of The Journey’. We’re SO excited! It’s filled with captivating, full-colour photographs, haunting narrative verse, and best of all ... it’s longer than the previous two books because we are conscious that we’ve kept readers waiting far too long, so we decided to take the story to its conclusion in what is now the third and final volume. We promise it will be worth the wait ...

A question that we are often asked is, “When you’re doing your books what comes first, the words or the images?” The honest answer is that it’s a bit of both. Sometimes Tracey finds images that fit perfectly with the words, other times Hilary takes her inspiration for the verse from the feelings or fantasies that the images evoke. A close-up can awaken very different emotions and fantasies to a more panoramic shot, light and shade can play a major role in adding to the drama or impact of an image, and camera angle can be used to great effect: Tracey has skilfully captured such magic in her photography since childhood.

We like to challenge our readers, to find out if they can see what we see in the images. This is particularly true in ‘The Journey’ series, where so much of the narrative verse teases your imagination, makes suggestions as to what might be ‘hidden’ within each photograph, yet still allows you to follow the narrator on a mystical, magical, and often chilling journey through the varied landscapes of the natural world.

Let us show you what we mean ... here are two of the images from our first book, ‘The Wicked Wood: Part One of The Journey’, both taken in the beautiful Rectory Wood in Church Stretton, Shropshire. Many people have walked past these trees (they are right at the side of the main path) without even noticing what secrets they hide ... but to our eyes they have so much potential for mystery, mischief, magic .... and menace too, depending how your imagination works.

Look at the images: what do you see? Then read the verse to see how Hilary has carefully chosen appropriate words to move the narrative forward.

This is just a brief ‘teaser’ for a fascinating tale that let’s you, the reader, see the world in a very different way through the eyes of the narrator, whilst also embarking on a journey through your own imagination.


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